Covenant Friendship

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This book is written for people who appear to have many friends but are increasingly aware that are “loners.” It is for people who are weary of superficial, conditional relationships, and who long for authentic friendships. It is for people who need a roadmap for developing the deepest possible friendships – covenant friendships.

Don’t let the word “covenant” frighten you. A covenant is a vital relational concept. It more than a legal contract, which form the basis for lawsuits when the terms of the contract are violated. A covenant is a bonding between two persons or parties. It is two people becoming one. Covenant brings marriage to mind for most of us. Marriage involves making covenant commitments which are enduring. But have you ever realized that real friendship requires similar covenant commitment?   As a matter of fact, friendship is the training ground for marriage. It is unwise for a person to attempt covenant marriage until they have learned the practice of covenant friendship.

In addition to explaining why friendship is second only in importance to our relationship with God, the book will help the reader learn how to:

  •  identify, evaluate, and test potential covenant friends
  • come out of hiding and risk disclosure about who we are
  • negotiate a friendship covenant
  • and resolve relational difficulties

While no book can or should persuade the reader to take a relational step for which they are not ready, it is the author’s hope that “Covenant Friendship: An Ex-Loner’s Guide to Authentic Friendships” will create a thirst for at least one intimate friendship. There is an old saying that “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Maybe so, but you can fill the horse so full of salt that he will want to drink! This book is relational salt. It is the writer’s hope that each reader will, at the right time, find the courage to give up being a loner.

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