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Banlican House Publishers, LLC, is open to publishing the works of gifted, unpublished non-fiction and fiction writers whose material is congruent with the mission of Banlican House Publishers, LLC. The author P.D. James said, “Authors always take rejection badly. They equate it to infanticide.” We aim to reduce this form of spiritual infanticide.

Banlican House Publishers offers authors a full range of services needed to publish a book:

    Whether the book is published in a hardback, paperback, or a digital-only form, the book will need:

    • ISBNs and UPC bar codes
    • Library of Congress and copyrights registrations
    • Preparation for distribution through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon
    Every book we publish must be professionally edited and proofed. We can provide that service before the manuscript goes into production. If we do, terms will be built into your contract. You will have the opportunity to review galleys before the book is published. If you choose not to have us do this work for you, we must approve the person or persons you are using to provide these services. If, upon review, we believe the editing and proofreading does not meet our standards, we will either assign the manuscript to our proofers and adjust the contract terms accordingly, or your relationship with Banlican House Publishers will come to an end.
    We have an arrangement with a leading design firm to create covers and dust jackets for our books. If we create the cover or jacket design, terms will be built into your contract. You are welcome to submit your own cover. However, we reserve the right to reject it if we believe it does not meet the professional standards of Banlican House Publishers.
    Banlican House Publishers supports the promotion and distribution of our books in the following ways:

    • Providing a press release announcing the publication
    • Online sales and marketing through the company website
    • Connections to agencies that will handle book storage and distribution

    While the company provides these services, book sales will be the responsibility of the author.

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