Upcoming Publications

“The Afterlife: An Introduction to the Last Things”

Who does not want to know whatever can be known about life after death?  After all, we are going to be dead a long time.  This book will contain extensive Bible study, insights from Christian theologians throughout church history, and reflections on my personal near-death experience.  Some of the ideas in this book will surprise you.

“Bread and Butterflies: Insights for Spiritual Parenting” by Susan and Jim Jackson

This will be a book on parenting that Susan and I are co-writing.  Actually the book is her idea and I am helping with it.  Susan was a terrific parent and she is a wonderful writer, so it promises to be a good and a helpful read.  “Bread” represents the basics needs parents needs to meet in their children’s lives; “Butterflies” exemplify the things parents can do to set their children free to be the persons God created them to be

“Preparing for an Encore: a Pre-Retirement Manual”

Traditional “retirement” is both unBiblical and out of step with Western culture. “Preparing for an Encore” will be a manual for people eighteen months on either side of retirement.  The book will offer personal insights and coaching resources for people moving through this era.

“Spiritual Shepherding: A Survival Guide for New and Renewing Pastors”

I have a deep desire to help pastors, especially new pastors and the ones who do not think they do not know all there is to know about pastoral work.  My hope is that through this book I can mentor a few pastors and help them become more congruent, confident, and competent.  If I can accomplish this goal through the book it would have been a huge success.

“You’re Not a Sinner, You’re a Saint: a Reexamination of Holiness”

Many Christians wrongly view themselves as “sinners.”  And we always act consistently with the way we view ourselves. Because we see ourselves as sinners, we continue in patterns of sin. Conversely the New Testament teaches that we are “saints,” persons in-dwelt with the Holy Spirit and called to live a holy life.  The work of the Spirit is to form Christ in us and over time to help us recover the Godly image in which we were created.  This will be a transformational book.

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